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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Non-Surgical Nose Job) is performed using injectable fillers and botulinum toxin to achieve a more symmetrical appearance to your nose. Controlled and precise injections can make the nose look more proportional and smaller in the facial frame. The results are instantaneous and there is essentially no recovery, unlike surgery.  The most common filler used is Radiesse® , which is comprised of calcium hydroxyl appetite crystals that are very similar to the mineral found in the bones of the nose.  It is also ideal because it lasts twice as long as most other fillers hyaluronic acids such as Juvéderm® and Restylane® that we have available, approximately 1 year. 

There are several ways we can reshape the nose with fillers. The most common way Dr. Slupchynskyj employs injectable fillers is to reduce any bumps on the nose. By injecting the bridge above the bump, it makes it appear straighter. This cannot, however, make a bridge smaller, or create a gently, feminine curve in the bridge that many women are seeking. While this creates a straighter nose it does not make it smaller.

In other patients with a flat nasal bridge, Dr. Slupchynskyj injects fillers will create or augment the original bridge. This is a very common request among Asian and African-American patients who often have flatter noses. This treatment can provide results similar to Rhinoplasty Surgery, because the surgery uses either your own cartilage or a permanent implant to build the bridge instead of a temporary injection. The difference between surgery and the non-surgical approach is merely that surgery provides a permanent result that does not require repeat treatments.

The nose can be further reshaped by filling dents, hollows or indentations.

In those patients who have had a previous Rhinoplasty Surgery and have irregularities, using a filler can be a welcome alternative to enduring a more complicated Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery. This is especially true if the imperfections after surgery are minor (like small depressions in areas around the tip and bridge) and only minor refinements are required.

Many patients would like the droopiness of their nasal tip to be lifted with injections. A droopy tip of the nose can be cause by an overactive muscle that pulls down the nasal tip called the depressor septi muscle, especially when smiling. Botulinum toxin can be injected in between the nostril on the undersurface of the nose to release this muscle and sculpt a more upturned nose.  This will usually last 3 to 5 months. Fillers can be further added where the nose meets the lip to support the tip at its base. Using both of these techniques together delivers the best results, but the reality is that it lifts the tip by 2 to 3 mm in the best-case scenario, which is not a significant change. Consequently, a Non-Surgical Nose Job is ideal for patients who only require a small amount of lifting of the tip.


Non-Surgical-Rhinoplasty Expert


Non-Surgical-Rhinoplasty with Radiesse®

Non-Surgical-Rhinoplasty procedure

20 year old Asian female sought a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty completed with Radiesse®.  Dr. Slupchynksyj raised the nasal bridge with Radiesse®.  Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is perfect for patients that simply desire to elevate the bridge of their nose and do not need additional work. The procedure is done in the office and takes approximately 20 minutes. Patients can resume activities immediately. While not every patient is a suitable candidate, Dr. Slupchynksyj can ascertain whether a Non-Surgical Nose Job is the optimal treatment with a consultation.

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  • I am so thankful to have come across Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj of The Aesthetic Institute of New York & New Jersey. "Dr. S." (as I like to call him for obvious reasons, haha) is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, and it turns out he has an entire website dedicated to his work with African-American patients: www.africanamericanrhinoplasty.com. I was immediately impressed with the wealth of information that he has on his site, including information about his practice, his stellar credentials, his surgical inventions (i.e., the SLUPimplant™) ...

  • I was terrified of having surgery but after two consultations with Dr. S., my anxiety was alleviated, and this was my biggest hurdle. I was able to see what my results would be after surgery through "computer imaging". He spent as much time with me as needed and said I could come back as many times as I wanted before making a decision. That was refreshing. I asked to speak with at least 3 other patients of Dr. S. and did. They shared my initial fear and they helped me by explaining their experiences from a patient's point of view! Dr. S. specia...

  • The doctor is very approachable and personable and I felt that he is really listening to me. He made every effort to be easily accessible via email or phone. He also followed me every step of the process, not only during the surgery but also during the recovery period.

  • Board Certified with specialized training and loads of experience in Nose Surgery. I was able to see and discuss my results beforehand thru computer imaging so I felt very comfortable with what my result would be. Having consulted with other Drs. who did not have same training, imaging and were twice the surgical cost, I made my decision.

  • Dr. S. is excellent. From the first visit to the follow-ups I always felt comfortable. Look great and feel great, have recommended him others. Really great bedside manner and I was not the best patient. Thanks Dr. S. I really appreciate your patience!!

  • I had a Rhinoplasty done by Dr. S. and he did exactly what I wanted, which was a custom bridge implant.

  • As a 74 year old African-American woman, I was apprehensive regarding the SLUPlift™ Surgery. In the past, when I discussed plastic surgery with family and friends they spoke negatively about the surgery. Eventually I decided it was something I wanted to do for myself. I found Dr. Slupchynskyj while surfing the Internet and reviewing several of his before and after photos. After meeting the Dr. he assured me that I would be OK — and he was correct. After the surgery I did not have to take any pain medication and I was out shopping within 4 d...
  • Worth It
    I am a 27 year old, African-American female from the Midwest and I just recently had a Rhinoplasty procedure performed on February 9, 2012. I had known for a long time that I wanted to have the procedure done to correct a bump in the bridge of my nose, reduce the width of my nose, as well as to refine my down-turned nasal tip. This was an operation that I was not going to trust to just anybody, so I spent countless hours researching and looking for a surgeon who had significant experience working with African-American patients. Because I liv...
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