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While plastic surgery is more popular among female celebrities and women in general, being in the spotlight, under constant public scrutiny affects male celebrities as well. Every now and again we witness a male celebrity disappear for a while and reemerge looking slightly (or significantly) different. Many of those rumors are denied and none can be proven one way or another but the mystery actually adds fuel to the swirling curiosity. In this article we’ve compiled a list of rumored plastic surgery on male celebs and will try to assess the possibility that they are correct. In the process we will point out the difference between a plastic surgery or ethnic rhinoplasty job well done, and one that was obviously botched.

Brad Pitt

The one and only, the darling of millions of fans, Brad Pitt rightfully enjoys the status of one of the sexiest male actors of our age. He’s kept his solid popularity and holds on to his place in the spotlight long after his first appearance on the big screen in the nineties. One thing that has changed, however slightly, is his appearance. His brow position seems elevated and shows a subtle change in shape. That with the seeming reduction of “crow’s feet” around the eyes may indicate the delicate use of botox. Some injectable fillers may have been used as well, which would explain the maintenance of his facial volume. Some augmentation of the chin may have also been done in surgery. The overall result is natural-looking, tasteful and balanced. He looks refreshed, not altered, definitely a job well done.

Tom Cruise

Lots of plastic surgery speculation has been surrounding Tom Cruise over the years. Those range from rhinoplasty and skin treatment, to liposuction. The very well aging actor is keen to refute all such rumors, but has recently made a few appearances with a puffy face that is usually the result of some cosmetic surgery procedures, such as overuse of fillers. He seems to have fuller cheeks, with less than the expected amount of natural cheek volume reduction that occurs with aging. It can be either fillers or fat rejection as another possibility. The effect is somewhat exaggerated with a cherubic look that is not very aesthetically appropriate and does not go too well with his age.

George Clooney

Clooney’s enviable, long and successful acting career is accompanied by one of the finest displays of aging that Hollywood has ever witnessed. Some speculate that he’s undergone eyelift surgery to slow down the physical aging effects. He continues to look great, appearing more distinguished and refined than old or elderly. The slow and steady aging may be explained by some cosmetic interventions yet has no obvious signs of plastic surgery. The wrinkles around the eyes seem somewhat reduced, but it can be as much attributed to his genetics and different facial expressions or lighting on different photographs. If he did get any cosmetic surgery, it was so subtle as to be untraceable.

Zac Efron

When he got his big breakout role on the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, Zac Efron was not much older than high school age himself. Since then, he’s went through the transformation from child star to a fully grown actor and heartthrob. The change in his physical appearance may be explained by the natural process of growing up, but it has been widely rumoured that he had had a nose job that left him with a narrower base, nasal dorsum and tip. Again, this is an example of a well done nose job if that is what it was. The proportions of the nose and their relation to the face remain natural and so the change is definitely effective.

Ryan Gosling

Having started to forge his career back in his Mickey Mouse Club days and Canadian TV roles, Gosling has come a long way and grew to be one of Hollywood’s most notable sex symbols. Such a career has obviously made him the subject of some scrutiny and led to speculations involving plastic surgery. There is cause to suspect a rhinoplasty procedure on the dorsum, lowering the nasal hump and the upturning of the nasal tip. A more significant alteration than in any of the former cases, it still sits very well on his face and some say the new proportions are even better and more aesthetically pleasing. The new look is more refined, and if it is due to rhinoplasty, then it is definitely another job well done.

Seems like the male community of Hollywood is following a more cautious, conservative approach than that of the female actress club. It may be driven by the male-female stereotypes or by a competition that is not so much based on looks than in the female actress career. In either case, there are growing trends to get rhinoplasty and other skin surgery done in the male actor community and we will be observing them closely, providing more examples in future blogs. Stay tuned!


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