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Our favourite celebrity stars are being constantly photographed and observed by media and fans, so it is hardly surprising they would feel pressured to maintain their youthful appearance. We often witness a celebrity reemerge after an absence with an obviously altered appearance. We stop and wonder why – is it the hairstyle, or is it really plastic surgery? Did this singer or actress go under the knife or is it a play of makeup and lighting? Some cases are more or less obvious, others are not, and most are denied anyways, but it is a fun game of speculation and we might as well join in.

In the process we will learn how a natural ethnic plastic surgery contributes to the person’s beauty while a poorly planned surgery job detracts from it, creating a plasticky, artificial looking appearance. We will not focus on rhinoplasty alone, although some of our case studies will include speculations regarding possible nose jobs.

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd turned away rumors of having gotten cheek injections. She claims her puffy cheeks are an unexpected result or a side effect reaction to sinus medication she was taking, and not of plastic surgery that didn’t go too well.

Still there is cause to believe that her smooth forehead is the result of using a neuromodulator. One of the reasons to think she may not have gotten this treatment is that she still carries “crow’s feet” and retained some dimpling of the chin, which are obviously natural. However, her cheeks are still much more plump than they were before. This does remain more a guessing game than anything else, since the look could be explained away by things as simple as gained weight, medication side effects, and not necessarily fillers. Her lips look very natural, too, which either means she didn’t get any cosmetic alterations done or was carefully selective in her choices.

Renée Zellwegger

Zellwegger has had multiple rumours of surgery (particularly botox, as well as chin and eye surgery) buzz around her, yet the famous actress has denied that she has had any such work done. A neuromodulator is used to relax crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles by weakening muscles. It can be used to achieve a significant narrowing of the jawline, as well as soften the chin and lips. Heavy upper eyelids can be improved by blepharoplasty or thermage. It is hard to say if Renée Zellwegger did get those treatments done, but if she did, we can applaud her for getting a very good job done. The look she achieved is natural and aesthetically pleasing, not one bit over the top.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is only 26, but seems to look significantly older and very different since her first appearance in the spotlight. Having also rejected to have altered her appearance using plastic surgery, she is still the subject of much talk and speculation. Her cheeks are not as full since she obviously lost some of her “baby fat”, but the smooth appearance can be attributed to the use of neuromodulators that prevent lines and wrinkles from forming. Some of it may have been also achieved with chemical peels or laser. Her lips may have been enhanced with filler and more obviously, her nose seems to have been narrowed and its tip refined. If this is the result of plastic surgery, it is then another example of a fairly well done job.

Lil’ Kim

The provocative and scandalous rapper Lil’ Kim is almost entirely unrecognizable from when she made her debut. Falling just a bit short of the levels of alteration achieved by the Jacksons, Lil’ Kim still denies that she’d had any work done on her eyelids and nose, or had any fillers or skin lightening.

If we did have to explain it as a result of surgery, however, the list would be pretty extensive. The surgical procedures would have to include the removal of eyelid bags, lip slimming and a narrowing of the nose. The cheeks may have been enhanced by implants and fillers, and the smooth skin complexion can be attributed to chemical peels. We are not saying that this is what she did, but if we did have to explain the massive change in her appearance otherwise than as a result cosmetic surgery, we’d have a really hard time explaining it at all.

Lindsay Lohan

The troubled actress and former child star has made some big headlines and attracted attention with a physical transformation that’s suspected to have been the result of some serious cosmetic surgery work. Among possible procedures are botox, lip injections, fillers in her cheeks and a rhinoplasty to lift and thin the nose tip.

This is all based on a great deal of speculation but one solid conclusion can easily be drawn – any cosmetic surgery, especially rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty should follow the guidelines dictated by the unique aesthetics of a person’s face, if the result is to be natural and pleasing.


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