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Cryotherapy Treatment

Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and renowned Keloid Specialist offering a variety of proven successful surgical and non-surgical treatments for keloid scaring, including Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment.

keloid is abnormal tumor-like scar tissue, which grows to excess and beyond the borders of the injury or trauma site. Although there is no universally accepted treatment of keloids, Cryotherapy has become popular as a non-surgical treatment of keloids scarring. Cryotherapy, also known as cryosurgery, is used by surgeons and dermatologists for treatment of a variety of benign and malignant lesions. The mechanism of Cryotherapy is to induce necrosis (death) of the tissue following treatment. There is an acute freezing and subsequent thawing of cells. In other words, Cryotherapy is almost identical to frostbite, which can occur in individuals that expose their extremities to bitter cold temperatures such as mountain climbers. Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment essentially "frostbites" the tissue exposed; as the tissue thaws, it dies and leaves the surrounding living tissue to re-epithelialize.

Benefits of Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment

The advantage of Cryotherapy is its ease of use; it is non-surgical and usually less costly than surgical procedures. Cryotherapy treatment is a good option for smaller, sessile keloids yet there still are many risks to consider with this type of treatment. It should be noted that Cryotherapy Treatment of Keloids is not the "one-size-fits-all" solution to keloid scar treatment, though it has been heavily marketed and hyped as such. Each patient must be evaluated on an individual basis and treated appropriately with either non-surgical or surgical intervention, with or without adjunctive therapy.

Risks and Complications of Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment

The risks for Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment include hemorrhage, infection, excessive granulation tissue, milia, hyper pigmentation, and change in sensation. Permanent complications can include atrophy, scarring, extensive hyper pigmentation, ectropion formation, and of course, recurrence of keloids. Cryotherapy is not a good option for larger and also massive, polyploidy keloids such as the one shown in the picture below.

Clinical Study: Keloid Excision Surgery Plus Radiation Outperform Cryotherapy

In a recent scientific keloid study, "Surgical excision and immediate postoperative radiotherapy versus cryotherapy and intralesional steroids in the management of keloids: a prospective study trial". Emand M, et, al. Med Princ Pract 2010:19(5):402-5, showed that patients treated with cryotherapy experienced more side effects, prolonged course of recovery, a higher recurrence rate and less satisfaction than patients treated with surgery and an adjunct treatment with radiation. The study concluded that excisional surgery plus radiation is a much better overall treatment for keloids resulting is less recurrence and ensuing complications. That being said however, Cryotherapy Treatment is still a good option for very small to small, early keloids and should be clearly be offered as an option to those who would benefit most from this treatment.

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  • I was terrified of having surgery but after two consultations with Dr. S., my anxiety was alleviated, and this was my biggest hurdle. I was able to see what my results would be after surgery through "computer imaging". He spent as much time with me as needed and said I could come back as many times as I wanted before making a decision. That was refreshing. I asked to speak with at least 3 other patients of Dr. S. and did. They shared my initial fear and they helped me by explaining their experiences from a patient's point of view! Dr. S. specia...

  • The doctor is very approachable and personable and I felt that he is really listening to me. He made every effort to be easily accessible via email or phone. He also followed me every step of the process, not only during the surgery but also during the recovery period.

  • Board Certified with specialized training and loads of experience in Nose Surgery. I was able to see and discuss my results beforehand thru computer imaging so I felt very comfortable with what my result would be. Having consulted with other Drs. who did not have same training, imaging and were twice the surgical cost, I made my decision.

  • Dr. S. is excellent. From the first visit to the follow-ups I always felt comfortable. Look great and feel great, have recommended him others. Really great bedside manner and I was not the best patient. Thanks Dr. S. I really appreciate your patience!!

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  • As a 74 year old African-American woman, I was apprehensive regarding the SLUPlift™ Surgery. In the past, when I discussed plastic surgery with family and friends they spoke negatively about the surgery. Eventually I decided it was something I wanted to do for myself. I found Dr. Slupchynskyj while surfing the Internet and reviewing several of his before and after photos. After meeting the Dr. he assured me that I would be OK — and he was correct. After the surgery I did not have to take any pain medication and I was out shopping within 4 d...
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    I am a 27 year old, African-American female from the Midwest and I just recently had a Rhinoplasty procedure performed on February 9, 2012. I had known for a long time that I wanted to have the procedure done to correct a bump in the bridge of my nose, reduce the width of my nose, as well as to refine my down-turned nasal tip. This was an operation that I was not going to trust to just anybody, so I spent countless hours researching and looking for a surgeon who had significant experience working with African-American patients. Because I liv...
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