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The Ethnic Rhinoplasty Research Institute

The basic premise behind in a Caucasianoid versus an Ethnic nose lies within the distinct anatomic structures within the soft tissue, muscular, angular mucosal, bony, and cartilaginous tissue that provide structure support and appearance of the nose. Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a relatively new concept in Rhinoplasty Surgery, existing only in the last 10 to 15 years. The reason of the increase in Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a result of drastic improvements in knowledge with regard to the aesthetics of Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery, as well as increased knowledge of the nasal anatomy, surgical techniques, that pertain to Ethnic Rhinoplasty; furthermore, the increase in Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is due to the rise in popularity of Cosmetic Surgery overall and also the ability for more patients with more financial resources to partake in elective Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

As the popularity of Ethnic Rhinoplasty increases within the United States and the Western Hemisphere, the competition for these patients has increased; however, although the amount of competition also has increased, the amount of literature, research and scientific discussion regarding Ethnic Rhinoplasty has not increased. The literature research regarding Ethnic Rhinoplasty, as well as subject matter within Plastic Surgery textbooks regarding Ethnic Rhinoplasty has increased only marginally, as compared to Caucasian Rhinoplasty. In truth, articles written about Cosmetic Rhinoplasty within the literature have primarily pertained to Caucasian Nasal Tip procedures and cartilaginous bony manipulation that has been looked at, reviewed and talked about for the last 50 years.

Ethnic Nose versus Caucasian Nose

These procedures and techniques are somewhat inapplicable to Ethnic Rhinoplasty patient because of the difference in anatomy of the Caucasianoid nose versus an Ethnic nose; therefore, it is fairly clear to see the techniques that were developed essentially for Caucasian noses will not work to achieve the aesthetic and functional results that Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients seek.

This research institute will be primarily concerned with reviewing articles that have been written about Ethnic Rhinoplasty from a critical standpoint, as well as pursuing research and knowledge as it pertains to Ethnic Rhinoplasty from a cosmetic and functional standpoint. There are several articles of note that we will outline within the next couple of pages of this part of our research that demonstrates some significant differences between Caucasian and Ethnic Rhinoplasty and we will also try to address some of the concerns that Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients have versus Caucasian patients. This Ethnic Rhinoplasty Research Institute will be dedicated to looking critically at what the Ethnic Rhinoplasty patient versus the Caucasian Rhinoplasty patients desire as far as an aesthetic, functional result.

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  • Double Board Certified with specialized training and loads of experience in Nose Surgery. I was able to see and discuss my results beforehand thru computer imaging so I felt very comfortable with what my result would be. Having consulted with other Drs. who did not have same training, imaging and were twice the surgical cost, I made my decision.

  • Dr. S. is excellent. From the first visit to the follow-ups I always felt comfortable. Look great and feel great, have recommended him others. Really great bedside manner and I was not the best patient. Thanks Dr. S. I really appreciate your patience!!

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    I am a 27 year old, African-American female from the Midwest and I just recently had a Rhinoplasty procedure performed on February 9, 2012. I had known for a long time that I wanted to have the procedure done to correct a bump in the bridge of my nose, reduce the width of my nose, as well as to refine my down-turned nasal tip. This was an operation that I was not going to trust to just anybody, so I spent countless hours researching and looking for a surgeon who had significant experience working with African-American patients. Because I liv...
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