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What to do if you get a cold after your African American rhinoplasty procedure

So you have just had your African American rhinoplasty procedure and your recovery is on track and you’re feeling great!  Then you start to notice the tell tale signs of having a cold.  Getting sick is always annoying but right after an African American rhinoplasty procedure may seem like a cruel twist of fate.  You need not panic though, the first thing you should do is to contact your African American rhinoplasty specialist for a quick list of things that you should be doing and things that you should avoid.  You can’t really blame your immune system for this one, it is not surprising that your immune system is a little on the fritz after all, your body is working hard on healing your nose so that you can enjoy your new look as soon as possible

So, what do I need to do if I get a cold after my African American rhinoplasty procedure?

The most important thing to do is to help your body as much as possible to stay healthy.  You’ll have to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of fluids to give your body the very best chance of fighting off the cold.  Your doctor may even suggest that you take some vitamin supplements.  Remember though, you should always check with your African American rhinoplasty surgeon before taking anything, no matter how innocuous you think it is.  If you are unsure of what you should be eating or drinking then please feel free to ask your African American rhinoplasty specialist or a member of their team.

Focus on the fact that you are doing all of this for your dream nose!

The biggest piece of advice that you can get during recovery from your African American rhinoplasty procedure is to stay positive and remember why you are going through this.  Even though the cold you have picked up is adding another layer of discomfort, it will only be temporary and you will be fighting fit in now time.  The one crucial thing that you must bear in mind is to avoid blowing your nose during the recovery period, no matter how tempting.  This means that you will need to have a box of tissues at the ready at all times to deal with your runny nose.  Just keep in mind that if you do blow your nose, you are putting a lot of pressure on the nose before it has fully healed and this can have a real negative impact on the healing process.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind at all times is that the eventual outcome will be fantastic.  With just a little bit of willpower and minor inconvenience you can look forward to looking as good as you always wanted to.

I want to clean my nose after my African American rhinoplasty procedure, how can I do that without affecting the healing process.

As with anything during your recovery period you should consult your African American rhinoplasty specialist to ensure that what you are doing is safa and will not negatively affect your healing.  A common method that is often suggested to clean the nose is a cotton bud soaked in hydrogen peroxide applied very gently to the nose.  Be very careful, it is better that you wait for a follow up appointment with your African American rhinoplasty specialist to show you how to do this properly or if there are any other recommended methods.  You should not go poking around in your nose after your African American rhinoplasty without knowing exactly what you are doing.  Please wait for a follow up appointment before doing anything that could interfere with the healing of your nose.

During the healing process, it is not uncommon for dried blood to build up in the nostrils.  This can have an effect on breathing.  You should leave this well enough alone during the first few days and then during a follow up appointment make sure that you mention it to your African American rhinoplasty surgeon and they will advise you on the best way to deal with this.  

Soon you will be over your cold and you can move onto the next stage of recovery.  As each day passes you will notice the swelling subside a little bit more until your new and beautiful nose is revealed to you in all of its glory.  Get that camera ready as you are about to make sure that everyone sees your new black nose.  You have worked very hard to get to this point and you deserve all of the compliments and attention over your new look.  Remember to keep in touch with your African American rhinoplasty specialist and their team if you have any questions or concerns during the recovery period.

You can contact Dr. Slupchynskyj's patient coordinator and they can answer additional detailed questions, schedule a consultation, or schedule surgery.

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