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Things every prospective African American rhinoplasty patient should know: part 3

African American rhinoplasty is very low risk

African American Rhinoplasty, much like most cosmetic procedures is very low risk, however your African American Rhinoplasty specialist will take the time to make you aware of any potential risks.  As African American Rhinoplasty is an elective procedure that is only performed on healthy patients, the risks are really quite low.  Surgeons are under an obligation to fully inform the patient of any and all risks associated with the specific African American Rhinoplasty procedure that they are about to have.

The main thing that most patients are concerned about is that they will not be happy with the results of their African American Rhinoplasty surgery.  Thankfully, you can protect yourself from a less than optimal outcome by doing a great amount of research on the African American Rhinoplasty specialist before you select them as your surgeon.  Looking at their past successes and what other patients have said about them online can really help you find the very best African American Rhinoplasty surgeon in New York.

African American rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure

There are many aspects to ensuring that the results of an African American rhinoplasty procedure are exactly what the surgeon and patient want.  One of the main thing that will be recommended by the vast majority of African American rhinoplasty surgeons is that a patient’s unique ethnic attributes are maintained.  A nose needs to complement all of a patient’s features and not stand out on its own.  Making a change to the nose so that it incorporates the features of a caucasian nose can look a little jarring.

To ensure that you avoid any changes to your nose that make it obvious that a black nose job has been performed, you should seek out an African American rhinoplasty specialist that is familiar with the aspects of an African American nose and how to maintain them in your new look.

African American rhinoplasty is different from all other forms of rhinoplasty procedures

The cartilage and bone shape are the main things that determine the shape of a patient’s nose under the skin, then, you have layers of tissue and fat that make up the rest of the nose.  A rhinoplasty procedure will change the shape of the bone and cartilage and then the other tissue is manipulated to fit this new structure.

African American rhinoplasty is unique in that it requires a deep understanding of black noses.  The cartilage and bone is not as supportive as the nasal architecture of caucasian patients.  The soft tissue of the nose is thicker in black noses and will not form around changes to the bone or cartilage as easily.  This is why it takes a very practiced hand to perform African American rhinoplasty, and why it is considered one of the most complicated cosmetic procedures.


Your new nose will take some time to reveal itself

Just like all cosmetic surgery patients, those who have had an African American rhinoplasty procedure will be required to wait a week or two before the swelling goes down enough for them to see what their new nose will look like.  This will vary from patient to patient, but you should be prepared to wait a little bit before you can head back out and show off your new nose.  Understanding the recovery time needed is vital if you have a busy social calendar or have a big event coming up like a wedding.

Your nose will need to be fully grown

For African American rhinoplasty to provide the patient with the best possible results it is necessary for their nose to be fully grown.  The nose has usually finished growing by the age of 16 to 18.  Unless there is a medical need to have an African American rhinoplasty procedure performed, the patient will have to wait until the surgeon states that the nose is fully grown before going ahead with the surgery.

You may have to wait to get a surgery date

Usually, the wait time for an African American rhinoplasty procedure is not too long, however it does take time to arrange the many moving parts that are needed to provide the best medical care.  If you do have a date that you need to be fully recovered by, you should let your African American rhinoplasty specialist know during the initial consultation so that a timeline can be worked back to the latest date you could have the surgery.  Having this discussion as early as possible can be hugely beneficial if you want to avoid disappointment and frustration further down the line.  With proper planning and as much advance notice as possible, you will be able to be ready to face the world in time for whatever it is that you have planned.

You can contact Dr. Slupchynskyj's patient coordinator and they can answer additional detailed questions, schedule a consultation, or schedule surgery.

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