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Questions you may not think to ask about African American rhinoplasty Part 2

Does my African American rhinoplasty specialist need to give me an physical exam before the procedure can be scheduled?

Each African American rhinoplasty surgeon will ask you about your medical history and any medications that you are on.  Depending on your general state of health and age the doctor may require you to undergo a physical.  There are many factors that can attribute to this.  Remember, as your research has led you to the best African American rhinoplasty surgeon for you in New York you also want to be sure they are thorough and meticulous.  For this reason, full physicals and occasionally blood tests may be required, there is no need to be worried or concerned, this is all very routine and one of the first steps to getting you the beautiful black nose that you have always wanted.

When does the physical happen?

The patient will be able to schedule this with the doctor either during the initial consultation or at a convenient time. 

How soon after my African American rhinoplasty procedure can I go out in the sun.  Will I have to wear a hat every time I go outside?

The general rule of thumb is to keep your nose out of UV exposure for at least 6 months following your African American rhinoplasty procedure.  That includes sunlight and tanning beds.  The reason for this is that UV light can make what would be an invisible scar, slightly more visible to the naked eye.  So remember, get a few hats you like and stay in the shade.  If it snows during winter you have to be even more careful as the UV light will be reflected off the snow and hit you underneath your nose, exactly where you don’t want it.

If the weather is bad will my African American rhinoplasty procedure be rescheduled to another time?

If the weather is bad enough that either yourself or the African American rhinoplasty specialist and their team are unable to make it to the surgery then you will have to rearrange.  As you are relying on a friend or family member to take you too and from the surgery you need to plan for that as well.  Keep an eye on the traffic report and aim to be at the surgery well before you appointment time.  If you think that you may be running a little late then contact the African American rhinoplasty specialist immediately to make sure that they are aware and can do everything they can to try and adjust the timing of your surgery.  Be warned, this is not always possible as African American rhinoplasty is becoming very popular and there is not often a lot of wiggle room in a African American rhinoplasty specialist’s schedule.

I keep my body in great shape, and I love to work out and play sports, how soon can I get back to my routine after my African American rhinoplasty?

If you are very athletic and you really want to get back into playing sports you really need to consider if holding off for a few weeks is possible.  You need to think about the activity that you are wanting to do and if there is a chance that you will get hit in the head or face.  Contact sports like football or hockey are absolutely out of the question unless you speak to your African American rhinoplasty specialist about the possibility of special protection methods.  Even then, the last thing you want to do is to go through with your African American rhinoplasty procedure then undo all of that great work for the sake of playing sports a week or two earlier.

How long should I wait until I go back to the gym after my African American rhinoplasty, I won’t get hit in the nose or face there.

Although you won’t hit your face or nose at the gym, there is another concern.  You want to avoid doing anything strenuous for at least 2 to 3 weeks after your African American rhinoplasty procedure.  Increasing your blood pressure can cause the swelling and bruising to remain for longer.  This advice does not only apply to the gym but also at home and work.  You should not lift anything heavy or get too stressed.

How can I protect my nose from injury?

Ideally you will avoid any situation as best you can where your nose could get damaged, however there are masks and shields that you can wear to further protect your new nose as it heals.

If you lead a lifestyle where there is a greater chance of damage to your nose that you should consider putting off your African American rhinoplasty 

If you play hockey every weekend or another contact sport you could consider waiting until you retire or no longer play in a full contact league.  Even after the nose has healed, the last thing you want is to break it again.

You can contact Dr. Slupchynskyj's patient coordinator and they can answer additional detailed questions, schedule a consultation, or schedule surgery.

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