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Preparing mentally for your African American rhinoplasty

The vast majority of people that are about to have African American rhinoplasty will have spent a long time researching and preparing for the procedure and have a detailed knowledge of their upcoming surgery.  One of the key aspects of this research is to ensure that they have the very best African American rhinoplasty surgeon in New York.  Being confident that they have found the right surgeon for them will make for a relaxed and easy couple of months.  There will of course be some nervousness and apprehension which is perfectly natural, many patients take the time to focus on what they can do to remain as focused and relaxed as possible in the lead up to, and after their African American rhinoplasty procedure.  The key things to do are lower stress, and focus on the goal of having the nose you have always dreamed of.

Here are some of the more popular and successful methods for preparing yourself mentally for the procedure and maintaining a relaxed outlook during recovery.
1. Learn about African American rhinoplasty

Your African American rhinoplasty specialist is a great resource to learn all that you can about your procedure.  If you find comfort in knowing every single detail of the procedure and what you have to do after the surgery, then you should dive in at the deep end.  A large, and very important part of being prepared for your African American rhinoplasty procedure is to understand what you need to do as the patient.  If you know what you need to do from the moment you arrive for your African American rhinoplasty all the way through to your full recovery, there will be no surprises.

You can also look online for resources to learn more about African American rhinoplasty.  There are a great many people who have documented their procedures from start to finish so they can be a useful resource to know that you are not doing this alone.  A word of caution, anything you read online should be taken with a pinch of salt.  Your African American rhinoplasty specialist will be the one who you should listen to above all others.  Every African American rhinoplasty procedure is different, so even though someone else’s experience sounds like it is echoing yours, you should always defer to your African American rhinoplasty specialist’s judgement.

2. Meditation and relaxation techniques

There are many relaxation techniques that you can do that will really help you to prepare mentally for your African American rhinoplasty and help push your worries and anxiety to the back of your mind.  Getting into the habit of doing these before your surgery will not only help you ahead of time, you will also find them very useful when recovering at home.

A lot of African American rhinoplasty patients that choose to take up meditation or other relaxation techniques before their procedure actually end up continuing with them long after the recovery period.  It is quite common to find that your whole mood, stress levels and general health improve dramatically through these methods and the feeling can be quite addictive.

3. Positive Visualization of the African American rhinoplasty procedure

This is a great technique for preparing the mind for a task or an event.  Top athletes often cite this as one of the main ways in which they keep doubt at bay before an important tournament.  The basic idea is that you will visualise the African American rhinoplasty procedure and recovery period being pleasant, with no complications.   With all you know about the procedure and what you can expect in the first few weeks of recovery, you will be able to see yourself recovering comfortably.

This is a tried and tested method of preparing anxious patients for African American rhinoplasty and many other big life events, by taking a little time each day to do this you will be amazed at how confident and relaxed you feel towards the procedure.

4. Talking about the procedure to your close family and friends

If you have decided to tell your family and friends about the African American rhinoplasty procedure, it is a great idea to discuss any concerns you have with them.  This is a great deal more preferable than having your thoughts rattle around inside your own head.  You are about to have a life changing surgery, so leaning on your friends for a little emotional support is perfectly normal.

You will need someone to drop you off and pick you up from the surgery, it is also advised that you ensure that you have company for the first couple of days of your recovery.  You should plan on asking whoever you choose if they are willing to do this well in advance of the surgery. 

You can contact Dr. Slupchynskyj's patient coordinator and they can answer additional detailed questions, schedule a consultation, or schedule surgery.

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