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African-American Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Ever since the procedure became popular in the 1950s, millions of people who have placed a high priority on their appearance have sought out Cosmetic Surgeons to perform Rhinoplasty Surgeries. Very few individuals place a higher priority on their looks than those in the entertainment industry.

These talented actors, singers and models understand that, while they can use their talent to make their living, their appearance is also a vital component to their success. With a 24-hour entertainment news cycle that analyzes and criticizes each flaw or irregularity, no matter how small, many celebrities of non-European or mixed heritage have undergone Rhinoplasty to improve their careers.

Female Celebrities: Truth vs. Rumor

Since the days of screen siren Marilyn Monroe, to the sizzling sensuality of Megan Fox, female celebrities have been under constant scrutiny for their appearance. Although a few female celebrities have openly admitted that they have undergone Rhinoplasty, most will not admit having such a procedure done on the record, often attributing any differences seen in photos to makeup, lighting, airbrushing or computerized manipulation. The list of celebrities below represents those public figures that have either been rumored to have had Rhinoplasty or have confirmed having the operation in earlier press interviews.

Ethnic Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is fraught with controversy, including change in ethnic features to appear more Caucasian. However the reality is if we look at Ethnic Celebrities that may have undergone a Rhinoplasty, most of the nasal features that are apparent include a slimmer, narrower bridge, less bulbous tip and narrower nostrils. Regardless of what motivates ethnic patients to change their nasal features, the general desire is to look more Caucasian. I believe this is due to media and Hollywood expectations of what they believe defines beauty in this country and abroad.

Did Oprah Whinfrey have an African-American Rhinoplasty?

Beloved Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, producer, philanthropist and actress most likely underwent Cosmetic Surgery of her nose. Looking at these pictures of Oprah at least 20 years apart, it looks like her bridge is higher and the tip is slightly more refined. However, the nostril looks to be about the same size, thus a refinement of her nose but preservation of some Ethnic features.
The only other explanation for her nasal changes, which is unlikely in my opinion, is that her photos have been Photoshopped or the changes are an act of God.

Halle Berry is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood if not in the world. She is also one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Halle Berry is biracial, her father was African-American and her mother was Caucasian; therefore, she possess many Caucasian facial characteristics, one being her light, almost tan colored skin. Looking at her nose from before to the present, it is not as obvious that she had an Etnic Rhinoplasty simply because her nose needed very little refinement to enhance her facial harmony. I would guess that her surgeon merely refined her tip, narrowed her bridge and possibly placed a small bridge implant. However, it does not appear that she had her nostrils narrowed. In addition, her nasal skin does not have the typical bulbous look that African-American noses typically have. This characteristic also makes her Rhinoplasty much easier.
America's Next Top Model host/producer Tyra Banks has frequently been the target of Cosmetic Surgery rumors. In numerous interviews, she has come out against Cosmetic Surgery and repeatedly denied allegations that she has had breast augmentation, but has avoided addressing whether or not she has had Rhinoplasty. Many fashion industry observers have speculated that Ms. Banks may have undergone Rhinoplasty early in her career in order to increase her modeling opportunities, which were scarce for African-American women at the time.
Former supermodel Naomi Campbell has also been linked to several Cosmetic procedures, including Rhinoplasty. As with Tyra Banks, Ms. Campbell has issued numerous denials of these rumors, attributing her stunning beauty to a healthy lifestyle and "good genes". However, several celebrity news outlets have examined her photos, comparing those from early in her career to more current images. These outlets have raised the possibility that she may have had Rhinoplasty to make her nasal bridge more prominent. When comparing photos, there is evidence of nasal augmentation (which appears to be crooked) and tip refinement.
Clueless star Stacey Dash has long been the center of rumors about Cosmetic Surgery, especially surrounding the "button" shape of her nose. Some Plastic Surgeons have gone on record speculating that Ms. Dash's unique nose is directly attributable to Rhinoplasty. I do believe that at some point she had her nose done, but the results are not the best.
Patti Labelle, a Grammy Award-winning singer, actress and author, admits that she had her nose done. In her before and after pictures she obviously had her bridge narrowed and her tip refined to look less bulbous. Again, she also may have not had her nostrils narrowed or possibly ever so slightly.
Former Broadway star and American R&B, soul and gospel singer, Stephanie Mills also appears to have had an African-American Rhinoplasty. Her before picture shows a down pointing nasal tip, bulbous tip and a prominent nasal hump. The after picture on the right shows that her bridge was reduced. Her surgeon attempted to refine her tip, although from these pictures, the tip refinement was moderately successful. It is difficult to comment on her nostrils from this angle.
Amerie also has had obvious African-American Rhinoplasty. In this case, the results of her Rhinoplasty are also mediocre at best. The attempt to reduce her bridge appears to be crooked and a very poor attempt to refine her tip left her with still a bulbous tip. I surmise that her photos have been retouched with Photoshop and make-up.
Beyoncé Knowles The former lead singer of the girl group Destiny's Child has been one of the most visible female celebrities of the last decade. Her increased visibility has also led to increased speculation about her appearance, including on whether or not she has undergone Rhinoplasty. In fact, an entire blog (BeyonceNoseJob.com) has been created to explore the question. These pictures of Beyoncé are difficult to compare due to air brushing of the picture on the right. However, it is apparent that she had refinement of the nasal tip, narrowing and elevation of her bridge as well as a something done to her nostrils. Overall, judging from these pictures if she had a Rhinoplasty, the results are good.
Kelly Rowland an American actress, dancer, singer and songwriter, appears to definitely have had Cosmetic Nose Surgery. It also appears that she had the old method of Ethnic Rhinoplasty, where the surgeon reduced her nasal bridge and narrowed it. This gives a scooped out look even from the frontal view. Her tip is still amorphous and maybe too much cartilage was removed. Her nostrils have also been narrowed. Looking at other photos of Kelly, I also think she had more than one surgery to improve or correct certain nasal features. Overall she also had a mediocre Ethnic Rhinoplasty.
Alicia Keys is also multiracial. Her mother is Irish-Italian and her father is African-American; therefore, her facial and nasal features have characteristics of both ethnicities. It is difficult to determine if she has had an Ethnic Rhinoplasty or not from the pictures I have seen. It is possible that she only had her nostrils narrowed and possibly some tip refinement.

"The Jacksons"

Reams of paper have been written and terabytes of data have been stored on the ongoing relationship between the Jackson family and Cosmetic Surgery. Nearly every member of the famous family has had Rhinoplasty, as well as a wealth of other Cosmetic procedures. The results of these procedures on some members of the family, including Michael and LaToya Jackson, have come to represent a cautionary example of how a poorly-executed procedure can cause painful and unflattering outcomes.

I would say this is the biggest fear of all of my African-American patients, "I don't want a Jackson nose." The Plastic Surgeon that performed their surgeries did not seem to understand facial aesthetics nor have the necessary knowledge of the surgical techniques required for a successful Ethnic Rhinoplasty. The surgeons who operated on Latoya and Michael were, in my opinion, taking advantage of the celebrity situation and did a great disservice to both of them. Michael's nose was most likely beyond repair as is now LaToya's, who may face aesthetic and functional breathing complications in the future.
Rapper Lil' Kim (born Kimberly Jones) is widely credited among celebrity media outlets as having had one of the most detrimental Rhinoplasty procedures in recorded history. One popular blog that tracks celebrity cosmetic surgery (MakeMeHeal.com) reported that Ms. Jones had undergone a Rhinoplasty operation that left one side of her nose "dented" due to the removal too much supporting tissue. It's quite obvious that she has a nasal implant that is off center. Her nasal tip is too pinched, which will certainly cause breathing problems in the future. Her nostrils look awkward and were probably not narrowed properly. Her Plastic Surgeon could have benefitted from understanding facial aesthetics or Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

Male Celebrities: Fact vs. Fiction

Although female celebrities are under constant scrutiny for their appearance, men are also prone to having every flaw analyzed with relentless scrutiny by the gossip machine. Many male celebrities have also reportedly undergone Cosmetic procedures, including Rhinoplasty, to advance their careers. While these instances are rarer than those for female figures, some observant fans, surgeons, and media members have spotted changes in the nasal structure of several famous men.

Former Law and Order star Benjamin Bratt inherited his distinctive good looks from his American father and Peruvian mother. Several celebrity websites have speculated that Mr. Bratt underwent Rhinoplasty early in his career to raise the nasal bridge, reduce nostril flaring, and refine the tip, a common procedure for Hispanic patients. If so, most observers agree that the procedure produced a noticeable improvement without any radical changes to the handsome actor's features.

Motown music legend William "Smokey" Robinson established himself with such timeless hits as "You Really Got a Hold on Me" and "Tears of a Clown". In an effort to maintain his youthful appearance after several decades in the music industry, Mr. Robinson has undergone several Cosmetic procedures, including Rhinoplasty, according to the Orange County Register's "In Your Face" blog and other celebrity news sites. I don't believe he has had a Rhinoplasty.

Rapper/actor LL Cool J (born James Todd Smith) portrays a tough-yet-sensitive persona in both his music and his acting roles. As with most celebrities, Mr. Smith and his representatives have issued repeated denials that he has undergone any Cosmetic Surgery.

Surgeons who have observed his photos are split on whether they can find any telltale signs of Rhinoplasty. I don't believe LL Cool J has any evidence of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

Over the last half-century, Rhinoplasty has become all but a requirement for many celebrities, as well as those who aspire to reach the heights of stardom. Ethnic celebrities are often torn between the desire to advance their careers and the need to maintain a connection to their heritage through their unique facial features. Surgeons with extensive experience in dealing with such dilemmas can guide their famous patients through these questions and deliver the results that will have them looking their best in front of the cameras.

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